Sapienza Bake Shop really began back in 1935 when Andrew Sapienza purchased a grocery store in the Corona section of Queens.  It was there that he started baking Italian bread and selling it not only to customers of the store, but to local supermarkets and delis as well.  In 1948, Sapienza sold the grocery store and opened up A. Sapienza Bakery on Meacham Ave. in Elmont, NY. 

In 1967, Andrew purchased a closed up “Peter Pan Bakery” and opened an Italian Pastry Shop called Vesuvio’s.  It was here at 15 years old that Paul Sapienza, Andrew’s son, began his work in the pastry business.  In 1973, Paul took over full ownership of the store and renamed it Sapienza Bake Shop. Eventually his wife Roseanne would run the store while Paul focused on wholesale distribution of Sapienza’s Fine Italian Pastries.  It was under Paul and Roseanne that Sapienza Bake Shop has grown into a full line, on-site production, bakery with more of a focus on specialty cakes and party cakes Sapienza Bake Shop has become the premier place for high end desserts.

In 1995, Roberto Castellano came to Sapienza Bake Shop and with him came a unique style for decorating cakes and products not before seen at Sapienza’s.  After being introduced to competitive decorating nine years ago, Roberto has placed in his last eight consecutive events including three wins.  Along with Bartolomeo DelForte and the rest of the dedicated staff: Gail, Florentina, Heidi, Eduardo and Elvin, we make the best cookies, pastries and cakes this side of the Atlantic.

Now in it’s third generation of ownership Paul’s son, Andrew P. Sapienza looks to keep the great family tradition alive: Use the best ingredients and provide the best service at the best prices. So come to Sapienza Bake Shop for the best.  Jackie, Diana, Marissa, Christine, Christina, Delia, Danielle, or Gabriella will be happy to help you.

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